Through the Stomach


I believe that some of life’s best moments happen while sharing food whether with friends at a dinner party, during holidays with old family traditions or through seeking out a prized Scotch in a foreign land. I also love learning about the history of food and cultures and diving into all of these experiences with unabashed glee. Come with me on my journeys and the telling narratives that unfold about life lived with gusto an a wide open mouth.

Viva La Fusion

Sweetness Personified

Earning My Chops

Table For Two, Please

Nacho Weakness

Perpetually Seeking the Perfect Pastry

Birthday Cake Truffles Bliss

Edna St. Vincent Millay Mac and Cheese

Foie Floodgates

Foodies in Love

My Happy Place is Japanese

Short Lived Sandwich Spree with Reuben

My Secret Lust for Spam

Effortless Shank, Neck and Ears

Daunting Task of a Whole Fried Fish

My Fervid Fig Fetish

Braving the Heat for a Good Rack of Lamb

Dessert’s Fickle Diatribe

Fictitious Dishes Satisfies My Culinary and Literary Cravings

Dandelion Tea and Morning Nature Vitamins

Heart Day Hangover

Breakfast in a Boat Spurs Hunt for Khachapuri

Finding Santa’s Graffiti Brings Gratitude While Ringing Out Culinary 2013

The Elevated Egg Sandwich

The Key to My Heart is Cake

The Decadent Art of the Dunk

On a Biscuit Bender

Not Your Hipster Food Truck

Dissecting the Deep Dish Pie

The Perfect Nightcap

Hatch Chile Cornucopia

Foods for the Summertime Snooze

This Little Piggy Went to Market – Asian Style

Bloody Independence Day Hash

Perfect Popcorn and Hard Lemonade

An American Gothic Cheese Jaunt

The Golden Stench of Vacheron Mont D’Or

Bastardized Dishes Are an Unorthodox Given

Heart String Mac and Cheese

Classic Cars and Cozy Cioppino

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