Tea Time


Some of life’s deepest reflections arrive alongside the soothing ritual of tea; a morning moment to ponder life in the present and what is currently captivating the mind. For me, it is a quiet time to discover poignancy and beauty before I begin my own day of creating in the studio or through words typed up on the computer screen.

True Colors in Tea

Weeping World, Mulita Dreams, Oolong Tea

For the Birds

Mud Forest Brew: The Miracle of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Literature as Lunchbox

Breakfast of Champions, Nightcap of Queens

G.T.’s Kombucha Delivers Grape Glee

Dandelion Tea and Morning Nature Vitamins

Is Your Tea Ritual Killing You or Healing You?

The Decadent Art of the Dunk

Contemplating Soul With Earl Grey

Cinnamon Chicory in the Captain’s Quarters

Reishi Tea Begins My Chinese Way

The Mellowness of Matcha and a Breathing Wall

Reflections with Trees in My Orange Blossom Oolong

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