Product Reviews

I am a glutton for new specialty food items, cooking gizmos and gadgets, and everything that goes into creating fabulous dishes. Journey with me here through the new and innovative in both taste and technique as I dissect what is good versus gimmick for the rest of my foodie brethren.

Asian at Home: Puff Paratha Green Onion Pancakes

Birthday Cake Truffles Bliss

Chocolate With a Conscience: Endangered Species

G.T.’s Kombucha Delivers Grape Glee

Sugar Rush for Adults

Pasta for Grown-Ups – Time for Homemade with KitchenAid

Trixie’s Treasure’s Magical Dust Covered Snacks

Momofukud Up

The Algae Buzz of EnergyBits

Blasting My Way to Health with the Nutribullet

Boccalone’s Society of Salted Pig Parts

A FAVA Bean Stretches My Hummus Horizons

Mermaid Elixir – The Jade Mountain Smoothie

The Golden Stench of Vacherin Mont d’Or

Nutiva’s Coconut Manna

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