Garden Groupie


The Cute Gardener grows produce all year round and I’ve come to follow him like a star-struck hound greedy for my box of fresh vegetables, legumes, fruit, roots, and herbs on a weekly basis. The beauty of growing your own greens is that you never have to rely on the frankenfood versions in the grocery store plus you learn to eat what you have and create recipes as each food item becomes available season to season. Here is a showcase of my following the sun and the moon and its bountiful harvests.

Fried Green Tomatoes, Sort Of 

Easing Into Green

Chez Panisse-Inspired Strawberry Salad

Return to Jade Mountain

The Last Tomatoes of Summer

The Last Strawberries of Summer

The Fleeting Days of Corn

Nobody Does it Better Berry Crumble

The Fried Squashes of June

The Awesome Alchemical Avocado

My Fervid Fig Fetish

Wintry Radish with French Butter

End of the Melon Granita

Bursting Momotaros Provencal

Fig Foraging Fool

Lunar Eclipse Loquat Love Jam Quenches My Need to Feed

Taming the Chard Shrew

Fava and Chard Tie the Knot

Yin and Yang with Anaheim Chili Peppers

Oh Satsuma, Oh, Don’t You Cry For Me

The Muse Worthy Butternut

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