French Affair


I have been a Francophile since age 5 when my grandmother (maiden name Doucette) told me we had French blood. Something about meals steeped richly in ingredients like rustic veggies and snails, herbal roasting juices, butter galore, bread and wine, all glorified by dense techniques and herbal delights have always called my name. I love to cook for those I love and when I do it’s often the ole French cookbooks that appear to help me along. I have secret dreams of growing old in an old barn in the South of France in a pile of lavender fields with paint on my ballgown and a cow making cheese in the vineyards. A girl can dream …

Goat Cheese Puffs and Kir Royale

Richard Olney’s Good Life With a Side of Gruyere Chicken Gratin

Frogs and Berries

Sockeye Sings in Earthly Lentils

Heart Day Hangover

Singing Chicken Riesling

Wintry Radish with French Butter

Thelonious Monk and Hens That Overdose on Olives

Bursting Momotaros Provencal

Marie Antoinette-Inspired Gluttony at Bistro Jeanty

The Makings of a Great French Bistro

Dreams of Becoming a Baton Girl

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