Eating Out


Some people spend their money on fancy clothes and illustrious possessions. The Cute Gardener and I spend our money eating out, at least once a week, and mostly in the never-ending culinary landscape of Los Angeles. But we travel too, and when we do, we eat out a lot in other areas as well. I hope you enjoy our forays here into the restaurant world. I will never blow praise up a restaurant’s flue for a meal. I call it like I see it and hope you appreciate that fact too.

Filipino Umami at Rice Bar

Baroo Brings It

A Return to Joy After Being Lost at Sea

Rebirth of the Palate at Kali

Inspired by Heavenly Hominy

Lazy Sunday at Running Goose

The Bratl – A Pork Whore’s Bliss

The Age of the Restaurant Gimmick

Nacho Weakness

The Elegance of Hiro Sone – My Favorite Chef

Meat Fest at Cockscomb

Five Star Chocolate Morning

Jazz With a Side of Dank Crab Head

Doing It Our Way at Cuistot  

Dim Sum Decadence

Thai Eureka at Night + Market

Wings of Desire

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler in Chinatown’s Newest Po Boy Paradise

Foie Floodgates

Karen Hatfield Inspired New Year’s Bread Bath

Dare I Say, the Best Italian in L.A.?

Restaurant Trends Rehash

The Elevated Ingredient

Taking Tips From Bourdain’s Book of the Bold

Post Hike Pupusa Eureka

Honey Rose Strawberry Moon Summertime Meals

Finding the Jewish Living Room in My Heart at Greenblatt’s

Awed by Arizona’s Indigenous Ingredients

Girasol Reignites My Foraging Fire

Asian Spice Trail Food Porn

Sugar Rush for Adults

Langer’s Luscious #19

Momofukud Up

Ramen Sunday Fundays

Udon Lust Unleashed

Scarpetta Had Me at Stromboli

Put Them Anywhere: Or, the Conundrum of dineLA

Swept Back to the Land of Farrah Fawcett Bangs at the Palm

Beyond Schnitzel and Brats at Bier Beisl

Truly Holy Mole

Over the Top and Tweaked by Lust at Waterloo & City

Eleven Biased Rules for Japanese Food

Matthew Kenney M.A.K.E.S. My Belly Happy

Mermaid Elixir

Pickled with Pleasure at Littlefork

In Praise of the Neighborhood Italian Place

Fairy Tale Food at Hinoki and the Bird

Patina’s Class Act

Looking for a Pearl in the Los Angeles Oyster Scene

Salted Chevre Nostalgia at Zin

A Trifle Yummy, A Trifle Strange, and Tatot Tots Aplenty at The Tripel

Eschewing Easter for Italian Brunch at Cora’s Coffee Shop

Marie Antoinette-Inspired Gluttony at Bistro Jeanty

Sweet Meat and Cannellini Bean Bliss at ARC

Glistening Meats and Leisurely Pasta at Angelini Osteria

Finally, the Perfect Pastrami

The Makings of a Great French Bistro

Metropulos Puts Moussaka on the Map in Santa Barbara

Trendiness Reigns at Fig and Olive

Sweet Toothed in San Diego

Reflections with Trees in My Orange Blossom Oolong

A Pair of Piccolos and Prized Pig Ears

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