Art of Cooking


Some of my favorite moments in food come when creating lively and merry meals with copious amounts of booze until flavorful masterpieces ensue.

Fried Green Tomatoes, Sort of

Soothing Sukiyaki

Just Another Friday Night (aka, This is How We Roll)

Asian at Home

Caviar Holiday Bookends (+ If Eggs Were Clouds)

Sometimes Cooking is All About the Kitchen Sink

Goat Cheese Puffs and Kir Royale

Toast Trend Transformed

Superhero Cereal

My New Favorite BBQ Joint

Not Your Poor Man’s Bread Pudding

Inspired by Heavenly Hominy

Return to Jade Mountain

The Last Strawberries of Summer

Wings of Desire

Soul Warming Saffron Kheer

Beyond Pork Chops and Apple Sauce

Off the Beet(en) Path

A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care

Food is Love – Saffron Risotto

The Awesome Alchemical Avocado

The More Than Once Recipe Box Test

Short Lived Sandwich Spree with Reuben

Sanam-Spiced Coconut Rice Veggie Medley

Effortless Shank, Neck and Ears

Frogs and Berries

Daunting Task of a Whole Fried Fish

Braving the Heat for a Good Rack of Lamb

Instant Karma in a Bowl – Miso Mushroom Soup

Girasol Reignites My Foraging Fire

Striking Recipe Kismet with Caldo Verde

Sockeye Sings in Earthly Lentils

American Girl Chinese Breakfast

Planetary Coconut Cole Slaw

Singing Chicken Riesling

Corny Girl Cornbread

Absent Mother Sacral Stew

Sailor Worthy Salty Pasta

Thelonious Monk and Hens That Overdose on Olives

Game Day Pork

Banana Bombshell Breakfast Sundae

Admiration for the Weiner

Irish Lass Butternut Matcha Muffins

The Perils of Pasta: Fresh or Dry

Egg Whore Pasta as Common Denominator

Empty Nester’s Belly Full of Home

Gypsy Red Fearless Pizza

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