Unorthodox Foodie
(Blogging about food since 2009)


I believe that life is the greatest form of art and when I am not in the studio making things or pounding literature and creative non-fiction from the computer keys, I am exploring my universal palate with friends and loved ones – perpetually lusting after the world of food walking the tightrope wire ledge between the classic sophistication of MFK Fisher and the boozy, gluttonous sexy of Dorothy Parker with a bevy of unorthodox edges thrown in.

I love discovering food from all cultures, eating food of all kinds from raw and healthy to bloody and funky, cooking food for those I love, keeping tabs on the latest news and technologies in food, and writing about all of my adventures.

I am a fan of the multicultural kitchen, farmer’s markets, the philosophy of Italian cuisine, the indulgence in pleasure of the French, the spices of India, the lamb-ridden Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culinary landscapes, buying fresh groceries only a few days at a time, and the one-bite rule before deciding on whether I like something or not.

I am also for hire as a food writer, critic or judge!

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Kimberly Nichols

P.S. If you enjoy reading my blog and would like to donate to the art and writing fund, my Paypal address is knichols001@gmail.com. If you donate, I will send you a special recipe for a tea brew created custom for you after you answer a small series of questions.

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