Return to Jade Mountain


Although I found Venice Beach a bit pretentious as a living environment (think earthen rich hippies touting their extreme health and spirituality who are first to run for the bathroom door, compact mirror and rolled twenty dollar bill in hand, when a vat of cocaine is whipped out at a party), I definitely miss the health food stores and restaurants. In a two-block radius, there were more choices in organic cold pressed juices, fresh nut milks, and creative, raw food options than I had seen prior or since.

One of my favorite places was a communal grocery store and deli, which sold fare by locals. This included vats of pickles, cured meats, cheeses, and a wicked sardine sandwich on oiled crusty bread that I still crave. But my most frequent purchase there was the Jade Mountain smoothie. It was a clear plastic cup filled with a gargantuan pile of algae-green, icy, slush that tasted (and smelled) like standing under a waterfall after a day of wicked hiking. It also gave me a boost that lasted hours–not the seedy kind that surges falsely through you from prescription or illicit drugs, but the kind that bubbles through your every cell, wakening the body’s electric flow.

I have finally managed, after a few years worth of attempts, to recreate something in my home kitchen that comes close in both taste and feel.

Jade Mountain 2.0

1 frozen pear
1 tsp. moringa leaf powder
1 tsp. maca powder
1 tsp. bee pollen
½ in. slice ginger
1 c. filtered water

Combine all in a NutriBullet and blast away. Sprinkle some extra bee pollen on top to make it pretty!

1 thought on “Return to Jade Mountain

  1. What a lively read! Look forward to trying this. Does a Bartlett pear give you the creamiest result? Where do you get the moringa leaf and maca powders and what are their benefits? Thanks. 🙂

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