G.T.’s Kombucha Delivers Grape Glee

IMG_9343In my early twenties as I stepped onto my personal journey through the alternative healing modalities, I heard about a beautiful woman who made miraculous tea from a mushroom in her kitchen. I sought her out and would spend the next two years of my life visiting her monthly in the afternoons to gain wisdom, an education in various systems of spirituality and a nice glass of the most, sparkling and effervescent kombucha.

Sanandra owned a company called Sea Chi Organics. She would raise batches of kombucha culture in her tiny condo kitchen, tending over her brood like true earth mother, and then funnel the life-affirming juices into bottles for the local health food restaurants and stores. She would also put the juice into creams for the skin, and proudly spoke of the way her creams had healed skin conditions in people who had all but given up hope.

The first time I tried kombucha while we were sitting on her living room floor pulling tarot cards and sniffing essential oils, I felt like I had snorted a shot of Vitamin B to the skull only better. Energized and tingling for the rest of the afternoon, I knew I had found a lifelong elixir.

Fast-forward to today and kombucha has become a household name. Just visit any Whole Foods refrigeration aisle and you will see shelves devoted to bottle of kombucha from a myriad of companies in flavored with everything from fruit to coconut to chai. After moving from the desert to Los Angeles where I was privileged enough to enjoy Sea Chi’s version regularly, I was grateful to know that I could still drink my favorite probiotic and antioxidant serum on a regular basis.

After trying my share of brands, I have settled on the company G.T.’s as my favorite. Not only do I like the company’s story of a young man named Dave bottling kombucha in his home as a teenager after seeing it heal his mom of breast cancer, I also like that it is a local company. I always prefer sourcing and consuming locally so as not to expend unreasonable resources. I also like that they offer a classic, stronger kombucha tea and a lighter line. Their flavors are bountiful and range from multi-green to gingerade to original to citrus and more.

But my favorite thing about this company is that they have a line of kombuchas stuffed with chia seeds. Aside from kombucha, chia is my next favorite health additive. Chia acts like a sponge going through the intestines, absorbing all the crap that lines our colons and injecting our bodies with Omega 3s. The chia varieties are super fun to drink and my favorite is the Grape Chia which tastes exactly like the super sweet, beloved Welch’s grape juice of my childhood without the processed sugars. The ingredient list states: raw kombucha, raw chia seeds, Concord grape juice and 100% pure love. Can’t get any better than that.

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