Trixi’s Treasures Magical Dust Coated Snacks

IMG_2678-Version-6When ex-registered nurse Tricia Wong was at the wit’s end of battling her lifelong asthma and in a severe sense of depression, she turned towards listening to motivational speakers like Tony Robbins to help her get by. One day she decided to listen to the message she heard woven through the bottom line of all these inspirational leaders, which was to find something she had ultimate passion for and follow it through. This is when she became an entrepreneur and began the snack food company Trixi’s Treasures with the help of her aunt – a small boutique business that specializes in “Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixes” for a bevy of customizable snack blends.

The Treasure Dust mixture is a 100% all natural powder mixture that you cook with a cup of oil or butter and then pour onto your favorite nosh goodies in a Chex Mix-like fashion: for example, a combination of cheese curls, cheerios, pretzels, peanuts, dried fruits, etc. What results is a strangely magical blend of sweet, salty and savory that is confounding in its ability to be equally addictive on a cheese coated item as it is on a sugar coated one.

I have not been a purveyor of boxed and bagged snacks in my adult life only because I overdosed on Cheez-Its alongside my mom on the lounge chair in the backyard of my youth where we used to tan and munch with trashy magazines on Saturdays. I binge on a bag of Doritos three or four times a year and blame it on college football season  and consider that a dirty little secret. So, when I received my box of Trixi’s Treasures in the mail to sample, I was sure I would be as unaffected by them as I am by the Cute Gardener’s perpetual stock of buttery appetizer crackers or Planter’s nuts under the coffee table. Instead of sending me the mixes, they sent me bags of specialty snack blends packaged up like regular bags of chips that covered the original blend of Treasure Dust all the way through more daring versions like a jalapeno, spicy variety and a berry version.

It only took a few weeks to dust off four of the highly-addictive bags that truly seemed like treasures in all the different things I would uncover in each bag: toasted rice or corn cereal squares might crawl up from the bottom of one while roasted green peas might swim in another while rye or baguette chip slices might emerge in the last.

And the “dust” coating in itself – definitely a winner for those who a have a sweet tooth. It makes these snacks hard to put down, definitely difficult to not finish in one seating once you start.

You can buy your own dust or order your own customizable snack blends online. Otherwise, you’d have to find the ladies at a country fair, which they tour with relish.

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