The Algae Buzz of EnergyBits

energybits_with_bits_best_small_I have never been a fan or a follower of products claiming to deliver energy to the body. In my experience, everything that brings you up eventually either has you come crashing down or has a less that natural effect on your internal system that is completely opposite my normal holistic philosophies of ingestion. I cringed when my girlfriends were going through the Fen-Phen dieting phase, when others started drinking Red Bull and using taurine religiously and find most things claiming to “boost” a human simply poisonous.  So I was very curious when I discovered the company EnergyBits and came to find out that their product, which they coin a “tool for fitness” claimed to be made out of 100% green algae—spirulina to be exact.

I am a huge believer in algae and have been for years. There’s no denying that every time I have algae powder in a smoothie or pop a spirulina pill, I feel better like a river of crystal blue water has entered my bloodstream. On further investigation into algae, there is no rush or crash or stomach distress because it is an actual harvested food crop unlike a lab made supplement and is the highest edible protein in the world. It’s like super green organic power.

I immediately contacted the company and requested a sample. In the literature sent with my sample, it stated that when algae is taken prior to any activity, including a fitness class or workout, it improves your energy, increases your stamina, clears your mind and eliminates your fatigue or hunger.

I recently embarked on a three times a week hour long run schedule that spiked my normal fitness routine up a level and on week two of this endeavor I was feeling the usual lull that happens once you realize that routine has hit. Getting out the door was becoming tough because I had lost the element of surprise with my routine and knew the hills that were ahead of me as well as the heat of summer that would bear down. I had started to learn about foods like apples with a swath of peanut butter that I could eat an hour before my run and hopefully gain a bit of a boost but I wasn’t so excited about taking in extra calories just to work out. So I was in prime mode to try these odd little algae Energy Bits that are one calorie a pop and that you are supposed to swallow in servings of 30 at a time.

The thing is, they actually REALLY worked. I popped the forest green balls that tasted like trees and under the sea funk (which I particularly like and I know that makes me strange) and had an amazing run. A run in which I energized throughout and in which I ran faster than before. I also felt strong, like my muscles were coursing with an enhanced push. But I didn’t feel chemically altered or sped up in a tweaky amphetamine way. Afterwards I went about my normal business with no side effects.

Like everything in life, I don’t know if I would want to take them every single day. I don’t want to be that dependant on something nor do I want to risk too much of one thing in my system on a regular basis without having more information about potential long-term effects. But I will definitely be using these when it’s a low time of the month or I am particularly unmotivated or I’m coming back from a vacation or otherwise lull in my pace. They work.

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